Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Internal and External Threats Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Internal and External Threats - Essay Example The health information technology has been implemented in major health organizations in the country. Cedar Sinai which is one of the major health providers in the country did not have a very successful outcome from the implementation of this program. Health information technology has its benefits but it is a subject of concern for the health care executives. The healthcare executive should be concerned with the potential threats that may exist within the health organization. The proper implementation of the health care program is a task that needs to be undertaken with utmost care. It requires proper supervision and implementation of the program in a health organization effectively so that it is brought into use and improves the working of the hospital rather than delaying the normal work of the physicians. This is because it is believed by some physicians that clinical records on the computer can serve to take longer hours than otherwise. Errors in handling the information technolog ical systems can result in blunders with regard to patient health care and hence the health executive needs to be aware of such threats as well. Hence, extensive training and investment is very important with regards to the implementation of such programs. External threats also need to be considered with regard to this implementation. Electronic Health Record is an essential component of the maintenance of the records of the patient electronically. There are differing ways which can be used to keep these records which include buying the software for the organization’s computers or another option is ASP which uses a different server which holds the electronic health record of the patient and the software is present on that server. ASP is a more widely used option and it needs to be understood by the healthcare executive that information via this method is shared on a remote server which may be viewed by

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